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I build great teams and excellent software.

How to: Hypermedia

Hypermedia is not a "silver bullet" and will incur some up-front cost in


Relax. You can do it.

APIStrat 2016 (Boston)

Every time I go to an API conference I get inspired.

Fungible Engineers

A myth that needs to die.

What is Hypermedia?

Isn't it usually the case that when this statement is uttered, the person who delivered it doesn't have an answer?

jQuery Plugins

Why, and How?


Count all entries, in data, with the color 'Blue'.

Functional Javascript

Testable code promotes reliable re-writing and can be objectively ensured to have fewer bugs. Who wants to fix code that was thought to already have been fixed?


Hypermedia driven web UIs.

What Is this?

Hopefully, this will not be too much of a problem.


  1. The problem-space luxui is attempting to address

REST Is Easy!

And by "REST is Easy!" I really mean "resource modeling is easy". Which becomes

Lambda Jam 2014

"Transit is a format and set of libraries for conveying values between applications written in different programming languages." -

Twelve-Factor Apps

A set of broad conceptual solutions, and a shared vocabulary, for systemic problems seen in modern application development.

JSConf 2014

Not really, but seriously, it is.