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Presentation Goals

  1. The problem-space luxui is attempting to address
  2. How luxui is solving the problems of an admin UI for an API in Phony
  3. Profit (always profit)
  4. (Attempt to) Come to consensus on if we (QL) would like to adopt the strategy of luxui

Presentation Goal #1

The problem-space of luxui.

Internal Applications

  1. We Have a lot of internal applications.
  2. Many of them need UIs.
  3. The UIs don't provide business value; a.k.a. they don't make us money directly.

My Solution

Stop making customized UIs for these applications.

luxui Goals

Truly reusable frontend application; and application components

luxui Goals

Completely decoupled frontend (UI) and backend (API)

luxui Goals

Enable non-UI-engineers to focus on non-UI-related features and tasks

luxui Goals

Empower UI-engineers to have control of the UIs of our internal applications

luxui Goals

Make our internal applications UIs have a consistent UX

Consistent UX

luxui Goals

Faster, more consistent, more secure changes, and updates, to application UIs

luxui Goals

Reinforce RESTful best practices

Presentation Goal #2


Sequence Diagram

Presentation Goal #3

Profit! Always, profit.

Presentation Goal #4

Discussion. ...Consensus?

Thank you.