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I build great teams and excellent software.

JSON Query - 10 Nov 2023

I had a relational dataset in JSON format that I wanted to be able to query like SQL but could not find a package that would did what I was looking for. So... I built it.

Git Config For Personal AND Professional Development - 6 Jan 2022

I would like to work on person projects using one Git config but work on employer related work with a different Git config. This could be limited to only a difference in the email address included in my commits. The way that I have set this up is:

Formatting Large Numbers of Seconds for Humans to Read - 5 Aug 2021

A little exercise in a trivial, and already solved, problem; for the funzies.

Syllabus 2015 - 31 Dec 2014

So this year, I am a little less ambitious with the breadth of topics I would

I Learned Something Old - 31 May 2014

Often times I am working in terminal - bash - and I find that I have 2 - 3 tabs open for a given project. What I learned - and am writing about - is how to send jobs to the background so I can again use the terminal tab / window as well as kill jobs and restart them.

Getting Started With Git - 20 March 2014

Version control is not just for large teams or enterprises. Version control is for anyone, with a desire to gain some piece of mind when making changes to any system of any size, with ease.

Coding Kata - 12 March 2014

Kata are exercises that are meant to convert deliberate actions into muscle memory. They are exercises to help you become more natural at a given action. Simply completing an action is not the goal of a Kata, one must repeatedly practice to convert action to in-action; the very zen statement "do nothing" does not mean to simply be lazy.

Survival Skills for IT Weekend - 18 Feb 2014

What good is it if you have the materials but not the expertise?

My 2014 Syllabus - 13 Jan 2014

I have a lot that I would like to learn and accomplish professionally this year (2014). In an effort to organize myself and an attempt to make good on -at least some of - these I think it would be good - if not daunting - to make a list and refer back to it later.

Plug-able APIs - 30 Nov 2013

The most important idea I ever learned in JavaScript programming, I learned from looking through the jQuery source.

Airbnb Style Guide Diff - 11 Nov 2013

I agree with almost everything in the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide. I will discuss some of my discrepancies with it. I will admit that I have been influenced by the one, the only, Douglas Crockford (papa-Crock).

I Made A Blog! - 1 Nov 2013

I wanted a place to publish articles I write; which would also hopefully inspire me to write more consistently, if not often.

Commander JavaScript - 9 Oct 2013

A simple introduction to the Command Pattern and some reasons why it might be a great pattern to use in JavaScript.

I Want To Do This - 8 Oct 2013

I sometimes have good ideas, and some of those times I actually attempt to do something about them. This is not one of those times so I am going to write about it to hopefully inspire someone to do it for me and thank me endlessly for the idea.

Be Good At Your Job - 7 Oct 2013

You have one job in life and that is to be good at whatever it is you do.

BrowserSlides - 4 Oct 2013

I wrote a simple slides parser / formatter and presenter library in JavaScript, jQuery, and Markdown; OK, and some CSS and HTML.

Treewalker Generator Recursive Function

A recursive generator function to walk a directory structure and return nodes.

My Dotfiles

These are most of my common settings.

15 Parenting Guidelines


New Hire Questions

SRE Manifesto

This document should be used as a basis or foundation to build on; these are a set of minimums to abide by but individual teams are encouraged to add on details relevant to their domains.

Rules of Civil Conversation

The Benefits of Hypermedia

Hypermedia can benefit: any API, the developers of an API, the developers of


Lessons Learned From Working in a Nightmare

  1. Servant Leadership; management through fear is unacceptable