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Syllabus 2015

31 Dec 2014

So this year, I am a little less ambitious with the breadth of topics I would like to focus on; but possibly (hopefully) more accurate.


I've been getting into and learning about the REST architectural style lately. We've been moving in that direction more and more; I think this coming year is going the be the year of REST.

I have been looking for new challenges to solve in REST and why one approach is better than others. Slowly, I have been developing a small curriculum for learning/teaching best practices.


I have given some presentations in the past but I definitely think that I could have delivered the content better. This year I would like to focus on giving better presentations.


  1. Less content on slides, more delivery by myself
  2. More focused on experience
  3. Better conversation during the presentation; more questions to the audience


I have been looking to change career focus. I almost made a switch to Erlang for a project that was starting up at work but got put on hold. JavaScript will probably always be my most native programming language so I commit to continue to be a member of the community and participating in development.

Personal Website

My personal website(s) needs some TLC for sure. Luckily I am in a professional position where I don't need to promote myself to employers as a candidate for hire but I would like to have a better online presence.